Made in 2006, the film explores the watchmakers' views and ideas through four key themes; Inheritance and History, The Beauty of Craft, The Pursuit of Perfection, Notions of Time.

The film has been shown at Film Festivals around the world and was selected as 'Best of the Fest' at Palm Springs Film Festival in 2007.

“Timepiece is more than a great film on traditional watchmaking, it is a great film, period!

Set in the stunning winter scenery of the Swiss Jura mountains, this poignant documentary conveys the passion, the soul, the art, and the craft of two of the world’s foremost independent master watchmakers.

Handcrafted traditional watchmaking is all about emotion and never has that emotion been captured so well.”

Ian Skellern - Watch journalist

Timepiece is available as a download for £10 (approx. €11.50 / $15) and includes two extra films; An Interview with Phillippe Dufour and A Watch Construction with Vianney Halter.